Solar PV Systems

Agricultural Solar PV

If you are working in the agricultural sector, you know that there is a high demand for electricity on farms everyday of the week. Energywise Ireland design bespoke Solar PV systems for farmers depending on their electricity demand. We can install a Solar PV system on your farm shed roof, and if your roof orientation is an issue, we can install a ground mounted system.

10kWp System

20kWp System

12.74kWp System

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TAMS 3 Grant

TAMS 3 is now live! So, what does that mean for farmers in Ireland? As of February 22nd, Farmers will be able to apply for a solar PV grant for their farm. A system of up to 62kWp can be installed on your farm, this is an upgrade from the previous 12kWp allowance.
The grant amount has also increased from 40% to 60% with a ceiling up to €90,000. Farmers who applied under TAMS 2 can re-apply under TAMS 3. It is important to note that the first Trance will close on the 16th of June.
Contact Energywise Ireland today, we will design, supply and install your system on your farm.