Agriculture Solar PV.
Generate your own electricity and save money on your bills.

Agriculture Solar PV

Energywise Ireland completed its first Solar PV install in 2013, since then we have seen the demand for Solar PV increase every year. One of the largest growing areas we have seen is the Agriculture market. With the constant rise of electricity cost, now is the right time to install Solar PV Panels on your Agriculture premises with the help of Tams 3.

At Energywise Ireland, Longi is our panel of choice for Commercial installs. Longi Solar are the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world with over 50% market share. Their panels have class leading output pushing the 500Wp barrier for commercial panels and have broken world solar efficiency records three times within the last year.  


TAMS 3 Solar PV

TAMS 3 is now live! So, what does that mean for farmers in Ireland? As of February 22nd, Farmers will be able to apply for a solar PV grant for their farm. A system of up to 62kWp can be installed on your farm, this is an upgrade from the previous 12kWp allowance.
The grant amount has also increased from 40% to 60% with a ceiling up to €90,000. Farmers who applied under TAMS 2 can re-apply under TAMS 3. It is important to note that the first Trance will close on the 16th of June. To learn more about TAMS 3 click HERE 
Contact Energywise Ireland today, we will design, supply and install your system on your farm.

Low Cost Hot Water

Increase hot water volume efficiently at a low cost using Heat Pump Technology, this will allow you to reduce the amount of detergent you need as you will have a larger supply of hot water. This Pre Heat Pump Cylinder is compatible with a Solar PV System. 

Low cost Hot water

Are you interested in availing of the TAMS 3 Solar PV scheme? Fill out your contact information below and a member of our Agriculture PV team will be in contact with you. 

TAMS 3 Solar PV


Solar PV panels produce electricity by converting sunlight into electricity. The amount of electricity that is produced is dependent on how sunny it is and how many solar panels are grouped together. Solar PV systems sizes are rated based on their maximum potential output under full sunny conditions and is rated in kilowatt peak (kWp). A 1 kWp solar PV system would produce about 800 units of electricity per year in Ireland.
When your heat pump needs most electricity, your PV panels are producing the least amount of electricity i.e. short winter days. The PV panels will contribute to your annual electricity demand but can’t be relied upon for instantaneous demands.