The Brink Renovent Excellent
Energywise Design, Supply and Install HRV systems.

The Brink Renovent Excellent

It is well known that efficient ventilation contributes to increased living comfort and health. New building regulations require higher energy efficiency and lower installation noise. Brink ¬Climate Systems responds to that with the introduction of the Renovent Excellent Series. These heat recovery ventilation appliances are not only fully geared for present-day ventilation requirements, but also for those of the future. The existing Renovent Excellent 400 has now been joined by the Renovent Excellent 300 and the Renovent Excellent 180, resulting in a Renovent Excellent series. The Renovent Excellent 400, 300 and 180 are distinguished by their capacities (400, 300 and 180 m3/h at 150 Pa respectively). The appliance comes in two versions: Renovent Excellent and Renovent Excellent Plus. Renovent Excellent Plus has additional connection possibilities, for instance for a CO2 or humidity sensor. Both versions are available with a variety of duct connection layouts. These sensors ensure that a certain space – for instance with many people – is temporarily ventilated more intensely than other spaces.


Also as a result of the low-rpm fans and the low internal resistance, Brink Climate Systems managed to reduce the noise level of the Renovent Excellent. With their connection diameter of 180 mm, the air ducts contribute to a low air velocity through the ducts, resulting in a lower noise level.

Reduced Energy Consumption

The measures for reducing the noise level also reduce the auxiliary energy consumption by some 40%. With the Renovent Excellent, Brink Climate Systems managed to introduce an appliance that amply complies with future European requirements of a maximum of 1200J/m3.

Constant Flow Control

Application of ‘constant flow control’ guarantees the preset air flow rates. Independent of the resistance in the ducts system or the filter fouling degree. The ‘constant flow control’ system makes initial adjustment easier, and that saves installation costs. On top of that, the filter fouling degree no longer affects the flow rate of the clean outdoor air supply. A unique patented feature is that Brink Climate Systems managed to combine the constant flow principle with the ultimately silent and low-energy EC fans with back-bent vanes.

Several Versions

The Renovent Excellent is available in three versions: A: Four air connections at the top (4b). B: Two connections at the top and two connections at the bottom (2b/2o). C: Three connections at the top and one connection at the bottom (3b/1o). The appliances are available in a right-handed or left-handed version.