DrainVac - A Versatile Central Vacuum Cleaner.

Energywise Ireland is a dealer for DrainVac central vacuum system. DrainVac offers high quality central vacuuming systems since 1982. This superior vacuuming system is versatile as it can also vacuum water spillage and clean carpets. It is available for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Superb SILVERCLEAR filter.

All Drainvac vacuum cleaner filters benefit from silvercleans ultimate antimicrobial protection. Approved and used for medical applications, all vacuum cleaner filters receive an ecological treatment that eliminates dust mites and germs and neutralizes odours to make the air evacuated by your vacuum as pure as possible. To get rid of dust mites and microbes, silverclear releases silver ions, an active ingredient that penetrates their cellular walls, destroys their metabolism and eliminate them. The end result: SILVERCLEAR superscript prevents the production, growth and transmittal of microbes and dust mites.

Compact Series.

When price matters most, the most economical series. Permanent filter with antimicrobial treatment SilverClear and dust bag included. Compact models occupying little space.

Cyclonik Series.

Vacuums both wet and dry substances. Always maintains the same superior suction power. No filter or bag needed. Large capacity canister. Removes particles, allergens and odors through an outside vent.

Automatik Series.

Vacuums both wet and dry substances. Drains automatically into your sanitary piping. Removes particles, allergens and odors through an outside vent. No filter or bag needed, all done automatically.
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Ingenuity, creativity, innovation, and professionalism—at your service for 35 years. Drainvac in-depth knowledge, their experience, and their passion combine to offer you the most complete and best-performing product on the market, whether your needs are residential, commercial, or industrial!
Unlike portable vacuums, a DrainVac system does not exhaust dirty, allergen laden air back into the living areas. With up to 5 times more suction power, the system removes far more dust, debris, and allergy-causing particles. Clinical research has proven a Drainvac vacuum system provides measurable relief for asthma and allergy sufferers.
Yes. A properly installed system offers the same powerful cleaning performance at every inlet whatever the distance from the power unit. The suction remains the same at the furthest away inlet because of the high performance industrial strength motor providing the vacuum.
Most homes require only three inlets to reach every area with the hose and attachments. Each strategically located inlet lets you vacuum approximately 700 to 800 square feet. The power unit features an extra built-in inlet for easy cleaning of the area around the power unit.
Drainvac hoses are extremely lightweight and designed for whole-house cleaning from floor to ceiling. Unlike short, flimsy hoses found on portable vacuums, Drainvac crushproof hoses are created to withstand everyday kinks and twists.
Drainvac offers the greatest range of products on the market, one of which is unique: a vacuum that drains automatically. So far, no other similar product comes close to the impressive characteristics of this vacuum invented by Conrad Sévigny.
Better known as the Drainvac Automatik, this revolutionary machine—considered to be the best on the market environmentally—connects directly to the water pipes and sewer drainage of a house or business. The principle is simple: water, suction, and a drain. With the automatic-drain vacuum, there are no more bags to change and no more filters to clean—it empties itself. What's the difference between a portable vacuum & a central vacuum? The biggest difference is that a central vacuum is a built-in appliance, while a portable vacuum is completely separate from you home. Since it is a built-in appliance, you don't have the annoying noise and smell that typically accompany portable vacuums. Your air and home are also cleaner because the dust and debris gets carried away outside of the living area rather than re-circulated through the exhaust as with a portable vacuum. Portable vacuums are also heavy and cumbersome and don't maneuver easily. Central vacs use a single hose, allowing you to clean your home easily and freely.