Heat Pumps

The Daikin Air to Water Heat Pump is the perfect solution to heat your business. Your business can save a massive amount of money each year as the running costs are significantly lower compared to a traditional conventional heating system. A Daikin heat pump will also help reduce your company’s carbon footprint.



Now days buildings are now a lot more insulated and air tight, so it is vital that a suitable ventilation system is in place. Ventilation in buildings is becoming increasingly important in today’s world. Ensure your building has a constant supply of fresh clean air whilst removing the stale air in the room by installing a ventilation system.


Solar PV

Energywise Ireland completed its first Solar PV install in 2013, and since then we have installed Solar PV panels on commercial premises nationwide.  With the constant rise of electricity cost, now is the right time to install Solar PV Panels on your commercial premises. 

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AC/DC Fast Car Charger

Are you in the market for an electric car charger for your staff and customers? At Energywise Ireland, we provide our customers with a wide range of EV chargers such as Wallbox, Ohme, Zappi and Tesla Wall Connector. No matter what electric car you have, we will have the perfect charger for you.