Commercial Solar PV.
Generate your own electricity and save money on your bills.

Commercial Solar PV

Energywise Ireland completed its first Solar PV install in 2013, since then we have seen the demand for Solar PV increase every year. One of the largest growing areas we have seen is the commercial market. With the constant rise of electricity cost, now is the right time to install Solar PV Panels on your commercial premises. 

At Energywise Ireland, Longi is our panel of choice for Commercial installs. Longi Solar are the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world with over 50% market share. Their panels have class leading output pushing the 500Wp barrier for commercial panels and have broken world solar efficiency records three times within the last year. 

The panels have salt mist resistant certification so can be used in coastal areas where sea air can be a problem for other panels. With higher wattage panels, this gives more flexibility to customers who are limited with roof space where they are getting more power per m2 of roof space. The Longi 500W panel is the absolute cutting edge of solar panel design ready for the 2023 year.



European Energy Crisis

Why are electricity costs so high?

The main driver of high electricity costs across Europe is essentially due to a huge increase in gas prices. Up to 40% of Europe’s gas is sourced from Russia through the various gas pipelines including Nordstream 1 into Germany. The flow of gas into Europe has been reduced hugely in 2022 due to geopolitical issues with Russia. The EU usually fills its gas reserves during the summer in preparation for the winter but due to the lower flow rates, reserves are very low. This has caused a nervousness on the wholesale gas and electricity markets wholesale energy prices have broken all records. Ireland does not get its gas from Russia but is still affected by market pricing for energy. With Gas being the predominant form of electricity generation in Ireland, this translates to high wholesale electricity costs. As of July 2022, customers out of contract can expect the unit rate of electricity of €0.61/kWh with a potential for this to reach €0.70/kWh by the end of the year if the current energy crisis continues.

Why Solar PV is now so important for commercial businesses?

In Dec 2021, the Irish Government announced a range of measures under the MSS to encourage the uptake of solar PV for domestic and commercial with the target of reaching 2.5GW of solar renewables in Ireland under the climate action plan. The new Mini Generation scheme allows commercial business to install up to 50kWp of solar PV and easily sell surplus back to the supplier. A new scheme, Small Scale Generation will be introduced in September 2022 allowing customers to install up to 200kWp of solar PV. A new planning exemption bill for solar PV is now signed off meaning so many of the previous barriers for businesses to install solar PV have been or will soon be removed.

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Solar PV panels produce electricity by converting sunlight into electricity. The amount of electricity that is produced is dependent on how sunny it is and how many solar panels are grouped together. Solar PV systems sizes are rated based on their maximum potential output under full sunny conditions and is rated in kilowatt peak (kWp). A 1 kWp solar PV system would produce about 800 units of electricity per year in Ireland.
When your heat pump needs most electricity, your PV panels are producing the least amount of electricity i.e. short winter days. The PV panels will contribute to your annual electricity demand but can’t be relied upon for instantaneous demands.