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Why Commercial Charging?

As the world embraces the transition towards sustainable transportation, businesses play a vital role in supporting the electrification of vehicles. Installing EV chargers at your business premises not only demonstrates your commitment to environmental responsibility but also offers numerous benefits to both your organisation and your customers. Investing in commercial EV chargers not only addresses the evolving needs of customers and employees but also contributes to a sustainable future, enhances brand reputation, and opens new revenue opportunities. By embracing this technology, businesses position themselves as leaders in the transition to clean transportation and reap the many benefits that come with it.

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Our EV Charging Solutions

Electric Car Charging Stations for Companies 


We provide our commercial customers with many different options when it comes to EV chargers. Our 40kW – 480kW chargers are now available, these can charge two vehicles at one time, supports 400v and newer 800v battery architecture. With a touch screen display these chargers are CPO compatible and also have RIFD and contactless payments which are optional.

Another charger we offer is the Wallbox Copper SB, with a type 2 untethered pocket, RFID card as well as being CPO compatible. The Wallbox Copper SB might be the perfect solution for your business. We also offer Domestic EV Chargers for all your at home charging needs.



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Benefits of Installing Commercial EV Chargers at Your Business

  • Attract and Retain Customers: Installing commercial EV chargers at your commercial premises not only caters to the growing population of electric vehicle owners but also attracts new customers seeking charging facilities. It enhances customer experience, increases foot traffic, and boosts customer loyalty.

  • Revenue Generation: Commercial EV chargers can be a source of additional revenue for your business. By offering charging services at a fee or as a value-added amenity, you can create a new stream of income while providing a convenient service for electric vehicle drivers.

  • Environmental Responsibility: Demonstrating your commitment to sustainability through commercial EV chargers showcases your business as socially responsible, environmentally conscious, and forward-thinking, resonating with environmentally conscious consumers and stakeholders.

Free Consultation with our Experts

Free Consultation with our Experts