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Ergocell Hybrid Inverter and Battery Storage

The Ergocell Hybrid Inverter and battery storage is the perfect solution to store your excess energy generated from your Solar PV panels.

By adding an Ergocell hybrid inverter powered by CATL battery storage, you have a lot more flexibility. A battery fully charged from the midday sun for free can power a home through the evening and into the following morning until
the sun comes out again to charge it up. In the winter, it can even be charged by cheaper night rate electricity when there is less sun. And if you are in an area that is prone to power cuts, it is possible with additional hardware to power your home keeping your lights, fridge and wifi going until the power comes back.

What type of battery should I choose?

Lithium Ion batteries are now common in all devices
including phones, tablets, laptops and even electric cars.
It is important to choose a battery brand that has a
reputation for quality and reliability. Energywise has recently
moved to using CATL batteries for home storage. in 2019,
CATL became the largest manufacturer of lithium batteries in
the world. Tesla are now using CATL batteries for the Chinese
and European versions of the Model 3. In 2020, Mercedes
Benz also signed deals to use CATL batteries in their 2021
electric vehicles.


The Ergocell Hybrid inverter comes in up to 5kW of capacity. The CATL battery starts at 5kWh with the option to add an additional 3 modules over time up to a a maximum capacity of 20kWh. A single battery can power devices in your home up to 2000W or up to 4000W if two or more batteries are used. With additional hardware, it is also possible to power your home in a power cut and keep your fridge, wifi and lights running until the power comes back on.


App & Web Portal

The accompanying app and web portal allows you to track your solar pv production and house hold energy consumption, allowing you to control your energy usage.

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