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What is the Genvex Combi?

Energywise Ireland, renewable energyThe Genvex Combi 185 is a passive certified combined heat recovery ventilation unit with air-source heat pump and integrated hot water cylinder. It uses the recovered heat from the HRV that otherwise would be wasted to heat the 185 litre water tank. It is equipped with high efficient supply and extract air fans, and a counter-flow heat exchanger with an efficiency of up to an outstanding 95%. The Genvex Combi can provide heat recovery ventilation at all times, even when the heat pump is delivering hot water, and has a COP (coefficient of performance) of 4.5. It is an all-in-one compact unit, meaning the system’s components are integrated. The air source heat pump heats the supply air and domestic hot water, prioritising the hot water. This appliance takes up just 600 x 700 mm (the space previously occupied by a hot water cylinder) and has a low servicing requirement. The Combi 185's integrated air source heat pump prioritises the production of domestic hot water and will provide space heating when the 185 litre cylinder has been fully charged. The heat pump is able to produce about 380 litres of hot water every day. The hot water cylinder can as an option be connected to a second heat source for example solar panels or a wood burning boiler. The unit is delivered with a F7 supply and G4 extract air filter and Optima 311 control.

Where is the Genvex Combi Suitable?

The Genvex Combi 185 is particularly well suited to highly insulated homes, passive houses and apartments, where a high heat recovery rate and a low energy consumption are requested. Energywise Ireland, renewable energy There are two different versions of the appliance, the difference being the size of the compressor. The Combi 185 S is suitable for the smaller apartments/townhouses where lower ventilation rates are required. Energywise Ireland, renewable energy


Energywise Ireland, renewable energyAn attractive, easy to use and comprehensive Optima 310 Design Controller is included with the appliance for ultimate controllability of your system. Some of the benefits of this superior controller include:

  • Fan speed control
  • 24/7 timer
  • Room temperature setting
  • Past analytical data card
  • Filter maintenance alert
  • Intake/extract/supply/exhaust air temperature operating information
  • Boost control



Energywise Ireland, renewable energy

We selected Energywise as our contractor for Electrical Installation, MHRV system and built-in vacuum system. They provided us with a turnkey installation, handling everything from design, through liaison with other contractors and on-time completion. We found the entire team to be flexible, knowledgeable, efficient and keen to provide a high standard of finish. From a very early stage in the process, Energywise instilled confidence in their ability to complete the project to the highest possible standard. I would have no hesitation in recommending them for any project.

Bernard O'Connor, Brosna, Co.Kerry

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