Genvex ECO 190
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Space saving heat recovery unit

The Genvex ECO 190 is a heat recovery ventilation unit with a highly efficient counterflow heat exchanger that has a temperature efficiency of up to 94% and fans with energy saving EC motors. ECO 190 is used in homes or small businesses where comfort and low energy consumption are priorities. The ECO 190 is ideal for installation in buildings where space is limited and easy mounting is required. The unit is compact and extremely easy to service. ECO 190 can be used for both right or left-connected systems (defined by the extract air connection). ECO 190 comes with G4 filters on the fresh air intake and on extract air.

There are two different versions of this Genvex appliance, the difference being the size of the compressor. The Combi 185 S is suitable for the smaller apartments/townhouses where lower ventilation rates are required. Two models are available:

The ECO 190 can be equipped with a heat exchanger made of PET (plastic) or made of aluminium. The PET heat exchanger is most suitable when heat recovery is the highest priority. In order to achieve the lowest possible power consumption, select an aluminium heat exchanger. The unit is delivered with an Optima 251 controller:


An air to air heat pump is essentially air conditioning without any exchange of the air in the building. It can be used to heat or cool an area.
It consists of an indoor and an outdoor unit that moves heat energy from outside to inside via a refrigeration process. It takes heat energy from the outside air and uses that energy for heating the air inside the house. Like a fridge, which cools the inside of the fridge and the back of the fridge gets warm, the air to air heat pump tries to cool the outside world and thus heats the inside space.
As the air to air heat pump gains its heat energy from the outside air it only uses electricity to run the process and not to produce heat. This means for every one unit of electricity it consumes to run the process, it will produce three to four units of heat.
No, as the air to air heat pump absorbs the air from the room it is directly heating the air and blowing it back into the room, it heats the air quickly. It is not relying on heat transfer by radiation, convection or conduction from a surface to the air unlike radiators.
This is not possible, it just heats or cools air.
An air to air heat pump would be used where there is no water heating requirement and generally if only required to heat a few rooms as opposed to heating every room in a house. They are particularly suited to offices and shops where there is no water heating requirement. They can also be used as a low-cost alternative to putting in a wet heating system to an extension space or a converted space.

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