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Genvex ECO 375

Energywise Ireland, renewable energy The Genvex ECO 375 is a heat recovery ventilation unit with a highly efficient counterflow exchanger that has a temperature efficiency of up to 96% and fans with energy saving EC motors. The Genvex ECO 375 is typically used in homes or small businesses where comfort and low energy consumption are priorities. The ECO 375 is suitable for installation in larger homes or small businesses. ECO 375 stands out by being particularly optimised for low energy consumption and adapted to meet the stringent requirements of the forthcoming building regulations. Despite the compact dimensions that fit a standard 60x60 cm module, the performance of ECO 375 is comparable to systems requiring much more space. ECO 375 comes with G4 filters on the fresh air intake and on exhaust air Two models are available:

  • ECO 375 TL has forward curved blades and is designed for larger air volumes.
  • ECO 375 TS has backward curved blades, has a lower energy consumption, and is designed for smaller air volumes.

The ECO 375 can be equipped with a heat exchanger made of PET (plastic) or made of aluminium. The PET heat exchanger is most suitable when heat recovery is the highest priority. In order to achieve the lowest possible power consumption, select an aluminium heat exchanger. The unit is delivered with an Optima 251 controller:

  • Passive comfort cooling with fully automatic bypass
  • Reduction of energy consumption using modulating humidity control and calendar programme
  • Connection of electric pre-heating or residual heat surface that adjusts the temperature according to preferences
  • Can be connected to a building management system via Modbus communication
  • Focus on energy optimization
  • Low energy consumption
  • Compact dimensions and large airflows

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Genvex ECO 375.

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