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Home Automation.
Making home automation more affordable and easier than ever.

Connect everything with everything.

ABB-free@home is a home automation system that turns your home into an intelligent home. Your home has a lot of different systems such as lighting, heating, ventilation, solar PV panels. With ABB-free@home® all these systems in your home can be managed automatically – according to time plan, temperature and movement detector – or be called up at the touch of a button. ABB-free@home connects everything with everything. The entire home is under your control and can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet.

What is ABB-free@home®?

ABB-free@home® - Easy to configure

Light Control.

With ABB-free@home light can be optimally used, whether for illuminating individual rooms or the entire home. For example:
A pleasant side effect here is the cost-saving and environmentally friendly use of energy.


The optimum room temperature can be adjusted with ABB-free@home individually or according to the specific requirement, depending on the time of day and the function of the room. In ECO mode, the temperature is automatically lowered at night or when the house is empty. The heating can be automatically shut off when a window is open. This reduces the consumption of energy – whether for conventional heaters or underfloor heating. The timing of the temperature can thus be perfectly adapted to your personal rhythm of life. In the morning, for example, the bathroom is already preheated. During the day, the rooms are unheated when no one is home. And when you get home at night, a comfortable living room awaits you.


Whether blind, roller blind, or roller door – with the ABB-free@home home automation, sun protection and energy-saving could not be easier. There is weather sensor for detecting brightness, temperature, rain and wind. Using this blinds can be automatically moved and lights can be switched at any time or dependent on sunrise or sundown. The blinds can be moved up and the radio in the kitchen can switched on with the touch of a button while you are still in bed.

Door Communication.

The ABB-Welcome door communication system can be integrated into ABB-free@home®. For example, the light switches on when the doorbell rings to see visitors more clearly. The picture from the video camera can be displayed on the tablet or smartphone via the welcome app. This allows visitors who ring the bell to be recognised even when you are not at home. The video camera can record pictures of visitors at the door. Notifications can be sent via email or push notifications.

Total peace of mind.

ABB-free@home gives you home security, the presence simulation records the weekly sequence of the devices. This scene can then be played out when your away from your home. There is an ‘everything off function’ when going to bed or when leaving the house it switches off all lights and devices.

Total remote control.

How often have you wondered?

“Have I switched the iron off?”
“Have I closed all windows?”
“Have I turned all lights off?“
“Have I closed the door?”

With ABB-free@home these questions will disappear. At any time, from any place on earth, using your mobile phone you will be able to check the status of and control all of the devices in your intelligent home.

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