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A ventilation system is only as good as the ducting used.

Energywise Ireland use the WiseAir® distribution system which is a high-quality heat recovery ventilation ducting system. It is a simple, compact and flexible HRV system which provides optimum air quality while taking up minimum space. It is designed to provide a quick, simple and hassle free installation. It is the ideal solution for any heat recovery ventilation system. All WiseAir® ducting components are made of 0.9 mm Aluzinc which means that they are corrosion-resistant and extremely dimensionally stable. The tightness of the system is unique, and everything has been designed to withstand possible embedding in concrete. The ultra slim manifold at 125mm depth makes it ideal for installation between joists and in tight spaces.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Kits

Energywise Ireland offer complete heat recovery ventilation kits. The clickable system guarantees high level of air tightness and very quick install. The HRV kit comes complete with:

  • FREE layout drawing based on the house plans provided.
  • FREE training on the installation as part of your first WiseAir® HRV kit purchase.
  • FREE technical support.
  • A commissioning service is also available as an additional cost.
Below is an example of a 14 point wiseair HRV Kit.

Energywise Ireland, renewable energy

Wiseair Ducting Kit Main Components


Energywise Ireland, renewable energyThe Wiseair ducting is a 75mm semi flexible duct. It offers an improved airflow over traditional MVHR ducting methods. It is a slightly more expensive high quality type of ducting with many advantages over older systems. But this cost is easily gained back by the quicker install time. It is suitable for any type of property including timber framed houses, Passive house approval homes and for areas of limited access. The pipe ends are mechanically fitted with rubber seals at each end achieving a zero air leakage system. It has a smooth inner layer that is anti-static to prevent the adherence of dust. The Corrugated construction and the unique material formulation of this radial duct resists stress cracking and on-site Damage.


Energywise Ireland, renewable energyThe Wiseair manifold is made from high density EPS and so is naturally insulated. It also contains layers of EVA foam for sound damping. It eliminates room to room cross talk for a quite home. This wiseair system is simple, quick and hassle free to install.


Energywise Ireland, renewable energyThe Wiseair vent plenum comes complete with one blank and the seal and retaining clips for two connections. It has a built in volume control damper. It can 75mm duct to a standard 125mm air valve. These plenums can be used to connect a single or double length of 75mm Radial pipe to your grille, quickly and easily and will greatly aid the ease and speed of the installation of the HRV.

Rigid PVC Ducts

Energywise Ireland, renewable energyThe Wiseair rigid PVC ducts is a smooth bore duct usually used for connection of the heat recovery ventilation unit to the manifolds and to the outside terminations.

EPS Insulation

Energywise Ireland, renewable energyThe Wiseair rigid EPS insulation shells is the quick and easy way to insulate the rigid PVC duct sections.

External Vents

Energywise Ireland, renewable energyThese external vents have a high quality elegant stainless steel finish. They are suitable for intake or exhaust air.

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