HRV Overview.

‘Shut that door and don’t let the heat out’ is a familiar cry in winter. Heat recovery ventilation, also known as HRV or MVHR offers a solution, it brings fresh air into your home without letting the heat escape. Energywise Ireland are leading suppliers of heat recovery ventilation systems. We design and supply and if required install these systems in homes and commercial buildings.
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Why do we need HRV?

Now days buildings are now a lot more insulated and air tight, so it is vital that a suitable ventilation system is in place. With the current building regulations, installing a heat recovery unit is becoming a necessity rather than a choice. It is important that you have adequate air supply to all rooms and extraction from bathrooms and kitchens. Insufficient ventilation can lead to mould growth, condensation damage and unhealthy living conditions. Our team at Energywise can advise you on the most suitable ventilation system to match your home’s airtightness level. Why not email us your drawings, our experts will design your system for you and provide you advice and a free no obligation quotation?

What is HRV?

HRV or a heat recovery ventilation system remove odour and humid air from kitchens and bathrooms. The same volume of clean, preheated air is supplied to bedrooms and living rooms. As much as 95% of the normally wasted heat is being recovered. Since the energy of the extracted air is transferred to the fresh. This means maximising energy for minimum cost. The filtered and, consequently, cleaner air increases the comfort for you and your family.


How does heat recovery ventilation work?


Main Features & Benefit of HRV


WiseAir 350 & 550 HRV systems

The WiseAir 350 & 550 units are equipped with a plate counter-flow polystyrene heat exchanger for heat recovery. The unit condensate is collected and drained to the drain pan under the heat exchanger. The air flows are completely separated in the heat exchanger. Thus smells and contaminants are not transferred from the extract air to the supply air.
Heat recovery is based on heat and/or humidity transfer through the heat exchanger plates. In the cold season supply air is heated in the heat exchanger by transferring the heat energy of warm and humid extract air to the cold fresh air. Heat recovery minimizes ventilation heat losses and heating costs respectively.
In the warm season the heat exchanger performs reverse and intake air is cooled in the heat exchanger by the cool extract air. That reduces operation load on air conditioners and saves electricity





The units are equipped with high-efficient EC motors with an external rotor and a centrifugal impeller with backward curved blades. EC motors have the best power consumption to air capacity ratio and meet the latest demands concerning energy saving and high-efficient ventilation. EC motors are featured with high performance, low noise level and optimum control across the entire speed range. The impellers are dynamically balanced


The WiseAir app allows the user to remotely control the Heat Recovery Unit. The app is available on both the App store and the Play store.
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Free Consultation with our Experts

Free Consultation with our Experts