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Complete your home with our range of elegant light fittings.

Energywise stock an exciting range of modern light fittings suitable for interior and exterior use throughout your home. We are a distributor for Astro lighting a very well known and well established brand for its bathroom lighting across Ireland. Beyond their bathroom lights they are also well know for their glass LED downlights and now also their trimless downlighting range, discreetly concealed between the plaster boards. If you are interested in trimless fittings the Minima has been extremely popular and could be considered one of their signature fittings.

Energywise supply stylish designed lighting solutions that will bring a modern, contemporary feel to any home. Call in to see our lighting display in our showroom or call us today to see how we can assist you finding the perfect light fitting for your project.

Design, supply and install.

Energywise Ireland designs, supply and install lighting solutions and we are also able to offer a supply-only option if required. We work with various different manufacturers to supply you with:
Suitable options for your project,
The best products that are available in the market today! Energywise Ireland, renewable energy

Main features and benefits of LED lighting.

Saving energy - LED lighting can save up to 80% in energy consumption over traditional lighting products.
Long life - LEDs long life cycle upwards of 50,000 hours offering significant maintenance savings.
Low heat - LEDs produce relatively low heat.
Environmentally friendly - Less energy consumption so lower carbon emissions.
Adaptable - Suitable for most environments.
High output - LEDs produce a high lumen output per watt.
Focus - LEDs are directional light sources and reduces ‘light pollution’.
Instant light - LEDs reach their full brightness immediately.
Safe - LEDs do not contain any mercury and can be recycled safely.
Durable and shatterproof - LEDs are very rugged.
No UV emissions - LEDs produce no UV radiation.



Energywise Ireland, renewable energy

Choosing the kitchen and hallway LED lights played on our minds a little because we considered the price they may cost to run so many. For a long time we waited patiently for a soaring electrical bill but each time we’re pleasantly surprised at how low it is! The savings are great! After our utility calculations we are now paying quite a generous lower percentage which is just brilliant. Energywise, you have made our future look very bright. Thank you.

Richard Fitzgerald, Banna, Co.Kerry

Energywise Ireland, renewable energy

We have to say that we have been educated by Energywise Ireland and have saved so much money on our electricity/energy bills. We have been shocked at the difference in one month. What a difference your help has made to our bills. We recommend talking to them and seeing what savings can be made. We will gladly recommend Energywise Ireland to everyone.

Cinderella’s Closet, North Point Business Park, Blackpool, Co.Cork

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