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Products & Solutions


Longi Solar Panel

We always aim to offer our customers the best products available on the market, for that reason we supply our customers with Longi Solar PV Panels. Longi Solar are the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world with over 50% market share.
The panels have salt mist resistant certification so can be used in coastal areas where sea air can be a problem for other panels. With higher wattage panels, this gives more flexibility to customers who are limited with roof space where they are getting more power per m2 of roof space. The Longi 410W panel is the absolute cutting edge of solar panel design ready for the 2023 year.


What to do with excess electricity?

Depending on what size system you have and what your electrical needs are, you have several options when it comes to excess electricity.

Ergocell Hybrid inverter & Battery Storage

The Ergocell Hybrid Inverter and battery storage is the perfect solution to store your excess energy generated from your Solar PV panels. The Ergocell Hybrid inverter comes in up to 5kW of capacity.

Hot Water Diverter

The Eddi hot water diverter can take excess generation from you Solar PV System and divert it towards heating your water, thus heating water on 100% self-generated green energy.
Zappi 6

Electric Car Charger

Did you know you can charge your EV with Solar PV? Zappi allows you to divert energy from your solar PV system directly to your electric car. This is essentially free travel.

Feed in Tariff

The feed in tariff will allow you to send excess electricity generated from your Solar PV system to the grid and receive a certain amount of money per unit sent to the grid.
Feed In Tariff

Data Monitor

We also supply you with a data monitor which will record your energy use from the solar PV system and which can be viewed on the app or desktop. It will provide live information on how your system is performing I.e. Generation, Consumption, Battery storage if applicable and the Excess energy being exported back to the grid.

Ground Mounted Systems

If space on the roof doesn’t lend itself to a sufficient or desired number of solar panels and you have adequate space available on your property, we can also provide ground mount systems. The panels can be set at the optimal tilt and orientation to achieve the maximum generation. Again, we provide the full installation from ground preparation, trench for cable, fitting etc.
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