Aluminium Radiators.

Energywise’s superb range of low temperature aluminium radiators are designed to combine aesthetics, performance and a high level of comfort. The reduced water content in aluminium radiators ensures the system responds with the maximum speed at the slightest change in temperature. Also the reduced water content means that they are more efficient than traditional steel radiators. They can be installed in conventional heating systems as well as low temperature systems using heat pumps and condensing boilers.


BLITZ Super is based on a research project aimed at optimising radiator performance so as to offer products with high mechanical and efficiency performance.
BLITZ SUPER comes with a 10 year guarantee from the date of installation against all production defects providing the heating system is conforming to the regulations.


The GARDA S90 main feature is optimal space-saving as it extends vertically. Blends in with any style of furnishing. Available in 7 models.
GARDA S90 comes with a 10 year guarantee from the date of installation against all production defects providing the heating system is conforming to the regulations.
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COOL features versatile bathroom furnishing solutions available in a wide range of finishes and dimensions: 20 models, available in 24 colours, centre distances between 400 and 600, heights from 858 to 1740 and 2 types of hydraulic connections. The elegant COOL collection offers innovative and patented technical solutions.
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COOL comes with a 12 year guarantee from the date of installation against all production defects providing the heating system is conforming to the regulations.


MOOD is the series that combines a traditional look with cutting-edge aluminium technology. Thanks to the wide range of finishes and colours available, the radiators of this series are true pieces of interior design.
MOOD comes with a 15 year guarantee from the date of installation against all production defects providing the heating system is conforming to the regulations.
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Fan Assisted Radiators

Fan assisted radiators deliver a high output relative to their size. They can be heated by traditional heat sources or by modern low temperature sources such as heat pump. They are suitable to rooms that need a lot of heat but where there is limited space to fit the traditional radiator Fan assisted radiators are available in similar sleek modern design as aluminium radiators and come with built in thermostat control.

Steel Radiators

Energywise offer a comprehensive range range of steel radiators in many styles, shapes and sizes. Different systems for different purposes and different styles for different tastes!

Suitability & Sizing of Radiators

Not every style of radiator might be suitable for your project. Contact Energywise Ireland to discuss your requirements and preferences and obtain free advice about what is suitable for your project. The size of a radiator required for a room depends upon two factors. Firstly, the temperature that you want it to be able to maintain and secondly the heat loss in the room. These calculations are quite complex since they depend upon the size of windows, number of doors and, in particular, the construction materials used to build the house. But Energywise Ireland is here to help. We can assist you to determine what is suitable and sufficient to have a comfortable and energy efficient home.

Some of our range are featured below, don’t hesitate to contact us if you like to know more or see our full range of radiators.


Most traditional household radiators are made of steel. Recently there has been an increase in the number of homes installing aluminium radiators because of their energy savings. Aluminium radiators are viewed as the eco-friendly radiator option, providing rapid heat when needed, and a welcome reduction in heating bills.
Yes. Using aluminium radiators work really well with underfloor heating due to their low water content. Many people actually prefer to have radiators in bedroom areas to enable varying temperatures set to the preference of each room user by a thermostatic radiator valve.
Aluminium radiators allow home owners to save vast amounts on their energy bills. Energy saving comes as a result of the aluminium material’s ability to conduct heat. Aluminium conducts up to 5 times that of steel by circulating heat from water around the room much faster. Therefore, aluminium radiators require less water heated from the heating system which allows faster response time to changes in room temperature.
Yes, the installation process is easy. The radiators can be installed in new builds or alternatively, connected to traditional heating systems through the side connection and the lower connections.
No, aluminium radiators are designed dimensionally smaller than traditional radiators for functionality and appearance reasons. The output is higher because of the material and regardless of size.
Aluminium radiators are also environmentally friendly. Firstly, they are made of recycled materials such as drink cans, and they also have a low water content which means that they can produce the same heat efficiency even with smaller dimensions. This benefit works well when used with an air to water heat pump as a large radiator is not required to compensate for low water temperatures.
Yes. In a house with conventional radiators we know that if we turn on our heat it will take up to an hour for all the radiators to heat up properly depending on the size of house and number of radiators). When we turn off our heat these radiators will stay hot for an hour or so afterwards. In contrast, when you want heat with an aluminium radiator you turn on your heating system and will have almost instant heat, and when you don’t want heat you turn off your heating system. With aluminium radiators you are in more direct control of the timing of your central heating system.

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