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The Energywise showroom offers information for homeowners, architects and builders on renewable energy systems. We offer great solutions for new builds or renovations in domestic, commercial or industrial projects. In our newly renovated showroom you will find a wide range of products on display, including working models such as an air to water heat pump, underfloor heating, heat recovery ventilation, solar PV, aluminium radiators, LED lighting display, home automation display and many more.

Our familiarity with the latest M&E technologies ensures that we bring you the best quality products on the market.

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Energywise customers have found our showroom very useful over the years. In our showroom they have an opportunity to see the particular products they are interested in and get a great understanding of how the product will work for them. Our customers get to see the products actual size, the noise levels, and how the product will be integrated into their building.

Book an appointment for a free consultation by one of our trained technicians who will talk you through the systems and give advice on any stage of your project along with providing you with a no obligation quotation

Our renewable energy showroom and our offices are heated by a Daikin air to water heat pump system. This unit delivers all the heating required for the 140m2 heated area. By visiting our showroom you can see how this unit looks and how it will work for you.

You can also a see both a VRV unit and a Daikin air condition unit, both are working models on display.

heat pump

Energywise Ireland is an expert in the field of renewable energy heating and ventilation systems. Call to book an appointment to our showroom and let us provide you with honest and clear information about suitable products and services for your project.

We will give you the advice you need to make informed decisions to help you choose the ideal system that will meet your requirements and budget.

Energywise can help you comply with the current building regulations. Our team can give excellent guidance and advice on how to achieve compliance with the current building regulations in the most cost effective manner.

As an assigned certifier Energywise can provide the necessary ancillary certification and opinions of compliance with regards to Part F and Part L of the current building regulations. Energywise have full professional indemnity insurance.

Call us on (021) 4308185 to book an appointment to our showroom or email us your drawings and we can provide you with a free advice and a free no obligation quotation?