Wiseair Heat Pump Cylinder.

Energywise supply the most modern, energy efficient technologies for all your hot water needs. Our WiseAir heat pump cylinder is an air to water source heat pump developed for the production of domestic hot water. It uses the energy available in the ambient air temperature to provide the most economical form of water heating. It houses some unique controls for use with boilers and solar thermal panels for additional heat input, and an in-built legionella function. This function regularly heats the contents of the tank to 65°C in order to pasteurise the stored water

The WiseAir® heat pump cylinder is one of the most efficient water heater heat pumps in Europe and lends itself to a variety of installation options and configurations. It has the capacity to produce 800 litres within a 24hr period, and heat to a temperature of 52.5° on the heat pump. 

The energy-saving potential of the WiseAir® HPC is up to 65% with ducted connections to the heat pump to ensure heat is taken for the desired location without removing heat where it is needed. With the built in boost heater, the water can be further heated up to 80°C

The WiseAir heat pump cylinder size ensures that there is enough volume to allow ample supply for all users. Its high quality construction gives peace of mind to the consumer. Install locations may include a boiler room, garage, airing cupboard, loft space, utility room/space server rooms, office wash rooms and kitchens.

The WiseAir heat pump cylinder is especially suitable for home that only have an immersion heater to heat the water. It is also suited to dairy farms for hot water production. the heat pump is so well insulated. test show losses pf only 0.7kWh/24hrs 

Many features & benefits


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